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Business Owners

As CPAs and Certified Financial Planners with 20 plus years serving Chicago-area businesses, we know the ins-and-outs of 401(k) investing, business insurance, succession planning, and tax strategies. And, as small business owners ourselves, we know how valuable it is to have expert advisors in your back pocket — especially when it comes to areas outside your expertise. We will be there for you. We make it our priority to understand all the options available to you, and we can help you create strategies that make sense for your business and its future.

Whether you are looking to manage personal wealth or strengthen your business, we see our clients as partners; they bring the raw material, and we help them build their future. As with any good partnership, communication with our clients is paramount. We keep an “open-door” policy and prefer to think of clients as good friends — many of them are. We want them to know what is happening with their money, and we expect them to ask questions whenever they want.

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