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Our Philosophy

At Schoen Financial Advisors, we ignore the media hype and noise. We’re not interested in what stock is hot today. Our philosophy mirrors that of Nobel-Prize-winning economist Eugene Fama and his team at Dimensional Fund Advisors. During decades of research, their economists and statisticians examined real-world data to determine that long-term investing — or limiting buy and sell activity in favor of a long-term strategy — actually yields higher results over time than active investing. Despite much propaganda to the contrary, current data continues to support their research.

Because we believe in hard evidence, we encourage our clients to take the long-view when it comes to wealth planning. We work together with new clients to understand what they hope to achieve, and we help them create realistic, obtainable goals to meet short and longer-term objectives. When we clearly understand their position and investing style, we recommend strategies that are based on the best research available, generated by statisticians and economists using years and years of empirical data. Our clients know their money is positioned for long-term growth, so they don’t have to sweat the ups and downs of the stock market. What’s more, they can focus on the life they want to live now, while patiently working toward the life they hope to have in the future.

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